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The Jis Shipping Line Advantage

Vessels call all major ports in Africa, and connect with our extensive intermodal network for cargo delivery throughout the continent
Extensive feeder network throughout West Asia and the Middle East extends your reach to and from those emerging markets

Jis Shipping Line and its subsidiaries, Keoyang Shipping, Senator Lines and CyberLogitec, are working together to make a major contribution to global marine transport. Steadily expanding its business by introducing new vessels and developing logistics operations in key service areas, Jis Shipping Line operates 145 vessels that cover 80 major ports in 35 countries. Additionally, the Company operates 11 dedicated terminal facilities. Its 200 offices and third-party agents are spread across 53 countries.

By providing efficient, high quality service, Jis demonstrates its total commitment to customer satisfaction. During its short history, strategic investments to establish main trunk routes, dedicated terminals and a strong infrastructure have provided the bedrock for Hanjin Shipping’s phenomenal growth.

As Jis Shipping Line continues to grow, its foremost target is to strengthen its capability to provide the highest performance with cost-effective measures to meet growing customer demands. This effort will ensure Hanjin’s place as the “world’s premier logistics company.”

Jis Shipping Line is renowned for its ability to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The Company earned that reputation through the hard work of its experienced employees. No problem is too large or too small for Hanjin’s dedicated staff.

The “J” trademark of Jis Shipping Line can be seen in every corner of the globe – from vessels crossing the world’s oceans, to containers, terminals, and equipment.  The “H” is a symbol of Hanjin’s commitment to customer satisfaction from its 3,500-plus employees.

This report contains various forward-looking statements and projections — and certain assumptions from that information — that are based on the best information currently available to management. These forward-looking statements are denoted by phrases such as “the Company expects,” “we anticipate,” “the Company will” or any other language indicating a prediction of future events. Whether these statements and projections are ultimately accurate depends on a number of outside factors that the Company cannot predict or control. 

Jis Shipping Line offers a comprehensive range of containerized & break bulk services between the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and the major trade centers of the Far East, Europe, U.S. East Coast and the Indian Subcontinent

Break Bulk Services 

These services are designed to cater for project and heavy cargoes as well as general cargo services to carry the growing import/export volumes between the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North America and South America

Dear Applicant,

This is to inform you of the career Opportunity. There is opportunity

for employment at Jis Shipping Line. This company is located

Worldwide. We are recruiting applicants that will join our crews in

Ghana. We have 4 new Cargo Ships, 2 new vessels SHIP AND 5 NEW

PASSENGERS SHIP. The Country of Origin of the Ships is United Kingdom

but they are registered in  Ghana We have Vacancies for crew members to

work with the company. The company is liable to pay for your ticket

fare and send to you your travelling documents to come over for your

Designation after the acceptance of your application . Please Send your

C.V along with your application to the company address via E-mail:

Reply To: markmartin_employments@yahoo.com  or


Below Are Vacancies Available -

The basic salary are as below United State dollars
1  Captain Salary $ Seven Thousands Us Dollars                      
2  Chiefmate Salary $ Six Thousands US DOllars       
3  Chief Engineer Salary $ Six Thousands US DOllars      
4  Second engineer Salary $ Five Thousands US DOllars     
5  Ab Salary $ Five Thousands US DOllars           
6  Chief cook Salary $ Four Thousands Six Hundred  US DOllars        
7  Steward Salary $ Four Thousands Two Hundred US DOllars         
8  Nurses Salary $ Four Thousands Two Hundred US DOllars          
9  Medical officers Salary $ Five Thousands Two Hundred US DOllars     
10 Casual workers Salary $ THree Thousands US DOllars    
11 Accountant Salary $ Six Thousands Five Hundred US DOllars       
12 Account clerk Salary $ Four Thousands Five Hundred US DOllars
13 Electrician Salary $ Three Thousands Five Hundred US DOllars
14 Plumber Salary $ Three Thousands Five Hundred US DOllars        
15 Teacher Salary $ Five Thousands US DOllars        
16 Computer Operator Salary $ Three Thousands Eith Hundred US DOllars
17  Technician Salary $ Four Thousands US DOllars       
18. Teachers  $ Four Thousands US DOllars
19. Cleaners Salary $ Three Thousands US DOllars
20. Aarchitecture Salary $Four Thousands Dollars

All the above will be on the ship to work for the company.
For more information please visit our website

Website: www. jisshippingline.jislaaik.com

The following information will be needed

United Kingdom address: 18 Hartford Road Boreham Wood Hartfordshine WD65JU United Kingdom

Tel: +447031942640
Fax: +447031942665
Email:info@jisshipping.zzn.com or

Ghana Head Office Address.

109, Alim Board Street Off Nkrumah Circle Accra Ghana
Tel: +233-275121737
Fax: +233-21-30670098



JUN  'Carrier of the Year 2005' awards from Ryder System Inc. and Rayonier Inc.
MAR  'Ocean Carrier of the Year' by Owens Corning
FEB  2006 Management Transparency Awards (a runner-up)
OCT  One of 'Asia's Fab 50 Companies' by Forbes
JUL  Best Buy’s 2005 Quality Partnership Award
JUN  2004 Carrier of the Year by Rayonier
APR  One of the Top Ten Companies that will lead Korea’s future economy by Dong-A Ilbo
MAR  “Carrier Service Excellence Award” by Owens Corning
JAN  Best Partner by Samsung Electronics in China
DEC  The Most Valuable Company in Shipping by Korea Management Association

Excellent Qualifications & Credibility in International Liner Service in China

Trade Award by Korea Trade Research Association
NOV  Carrier Service Excellence Award for 2004 by Fred Meyer
JUL  The Most Respected Shipping Company by Korea Management Association
JUN  Chairman Cho won the Honorary Medal of Gold by the City of Hamburg
MAY  “Customer Service Award” by Marine Digest Cargo Business News
MAR  “Carrier Service Excellence” award by Owens Corning
FEB  “Best e-Business in Shipping in Korea” by Korean Association of Shipping & Logistics
OCT  “Ocean Carrier Excellence Award” by Global Shippers Association
MAR  “Carrier Service Excellence” award by Owens Corning
2001  “Star Performer” award from Lloyd’s Loading List

“Carrier of the Year” by Exel Logistics

“Carrier of the Year” by Target Corporation

Service award from Payless Shoesource, Inc.
2000  Customer service award from Fred Meyer Stores
APR  "The 1998 Customer Service Award" for services to the Far East by Lloyd's Loading List.